Communication olfactive: ce que la sueur dit de nous

Conférence 04 fév. 2020 Musée de la main UNIL-CHUV,

Little Red Riding Hood and the Smell of Fear

Odorama 36 – with Frank Bloem, Dik van der Meulen, Jasper de Groot, Jonas Klinkenberg and Jan Jedenak Jan 23, Mediamatic Biotoop, ...

Taste good? Senses inform the brain — but don’t tell everyone the same thing

By mapping how the body determines flavor, scientists reveal clues that could help people eat better By LELA

The Smell That Sells

Odorama 35 – with Jorg Hempenius, Rick Schifferstein, and Niklaus Mettler Nov 22, Mediamatic Biotoop,

Conférence Olfactive – Les Parfums de Süskind

D’après Le Parfum, l'histoire d'un assassin. Une présentation olfactive de Christophe Laudamiel 18 Septembre 2019 ESCE, ...

Not All Flavor Expertise Is Equal

The Language of Wine and Coffee Experts Article, 20.06.2016 Ilja Croijmans, Asifa

Städte im Reagenzglas

Riechen, so weit das Auge reicht Artikel, 22.06.2019 Neue Züricher

You Will Never Smell My World the Way I Do

Scientists find that whiskey’s smokiness, the smell of beets and lily of the valley perfume can be utterly different depending on your genetic wiring. Article, May 3, 2019 The New York ...