L’Age d’Or de la parfumerie italienne

Conférence olfactive 23 Jan 2019 IPAG,

The Perfumative. Perfume in Art and Design

International conference at Zurich University of the Arts 8–10 November

Field Experiments and STATE Studio Opening

Vernissage and Studio Opening 27 October 2018 STATE Studio,

The science and magic of olfaction

Conference October 24,

Stedelijk Statements – Caro Verbeek

Caro Verbeek, Peter de Cupere, Amy Toner, Piet Devos, Jorg Hempenius 12 Oct 2018 Stedelijk Museum,

Scent Club Berlin: Sweat Science

Sweat Science | so much more than salt and water September 11 Spektrum

Neo-Futurist Dinner – The Chromatic Dinner

Martin Butler / At Seattle Design Festival 2018 SEP 9, 13,

Pitti Fragranze N.16

Events Calendar 14 – 16 settembre